Homeschooling for Humans

Confidently homeschool your favorite human with a flexible curriculum based on early development.

Be as boundless as an unschooler, 

and as well-prepared as an academic.

It’s a win-win-win!

You never have to worry about your child missing out on a concept or needing to submit proof of reaching milestones. 

Everything that needs to be covered is presented in an open-ended way that allows your child to the lead


Developmentally in-tune Curriculums


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Watch along with the Learning Lab to see how Natural Learning is different.

Homeschooling isn't about recreating school at home

Want to know the real reason children decide they're "dumb" or "bad" at certain subjects?

It's almost always because the learning was forced upon them too early, or in a way in which it didn't make sense to them.

If they'd just been given the opportunity to learn these concepts at a developmentally appropriate time or on their own natural learning journey, how much more could they have learned and enjoyed the experience?

When we force our children to learn before they're ready, we rob them of the experience of learning it in an enjoyable and appropriately challenging way.

The saddest part is that this decision that they are dumb or stupid or bad at something is one that sticks around.

How many adults do you know who say things like:

✨ "I'm so bad at math!"

✨ "I don't really like reading!"
✨ "I horrible at writing!"
✨ "I'm no artist!" 

The way our children feel about learning when they are young is GOING TO STAY WITH THEM.

So shouldn't we be doing everything we possibly can to help them LOVE to learn? 

To find joy, excitement, wonder, and passion inside books and discussions? 

To be always curious about the natural world around them? 

To seek out problems that they're EXCITED to find the solutions to?

Imagine a world where everyone was as curious and excited to learn as a young child. 💚

That passion and curiosity and excitement doesn't just naturally disappear. It's stamped out.

You have the power to make a difference in how your child learns and grows.

Your environment, family culture around learning, words you choose, and how you approach learning is how that difference is made.

Developmentally and academically in tune 

 Rest easy knowing that your child's natural development AND the "requirements" are all taken care of in this curriculum!


No one said you have to go this journey alone! When you use the Your Natural Learner Curriculum, you're a part of our family.

Learning doesn't stop when childhood ends - we just lose our passion from forced learning. That won't happen here.

Developing lifelong curiosity & love of learning

Kids need freedom and flexibility? Check. Mama needs to know what's coming next and what was covered? Also check. 

Structure meets flexibility 

Natural Learning

Trust your child and watch the magic of natural learning happen right before your eyes as your child engages. 

Focus on experiences 

Worksheets? Blah. Tests and quizzes? Heck no. This curriculum focuses on meaningful experiences to create a love of learning.

A Lifetime of Benefits

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How Our Curriculum is Created


Literacy Series with Leah 


Morning Invitations for a Structured Homeschool Routine 

You may have heard of this idea before, as it has many names – morning basket, daily bin, provocation, invitation to play/create/learn, etc. 

Whatever you call it, they have the same purpose – to immediately engage a child upon waking (or very soon thereafter). 


Homeschooling for humans.

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